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Sick As A Dog

by Kostis Chaveles

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On “Sick As A Dog” Kostis Chaveles taps into a dreamy, oftentimes powerful mixture of shoegaze and grunge. Vocals adhere to this sound as well as Kostis Chaveles lets his lyrics soar above it all. At times Kostis Chaveles incorporates an unorthodox style reminiscent of Slint’s debut album “Tweez”. By refusing to stick to any one mood, the entire collection is full of twists and turns. Volume is a must for these are songs that deserved to be blasted as loud as is possible.

With a beautifully understated approach is the dreamy opener “Agony”. Starting off small the piece comes into bloom with a satisfying guitar riff leading the way. Cathartic in nature the song grows larger and larger until it reaches a fevered pitch for the finale. Fuzzed out and with a hazy groove is the commanding rhythm of “Exit”. Layer upon layer of sound interact fantastically as the song goes for wilder pastures, as the impressive guitar work feels particularly spirited. Chaos reigns over the virtual madness that defines the boundless energy of “Headache”. Going for a full-on sound Kostis Chaveles pull out all stops as the song goes for broke. Angular in nature is the playful “Now”. Incorporating a great variety of tempos into the mix creating a funhouse effect, the song eventually lets go of this allowing the song a temporary sort of “go for broke” sound before adhering to the structure once more. Ending the collection on a high note is the heavy distortion of “Sick As A Dog”.

Kostis Chaveles creates a true diamond in the rough with the lo-fi, garage rock embracing “Sick As A Dog EP”.


released July 29, 2016

All Songs Written/Recorded By Kostis Chaveles
Guitars, Bass, Vocals by Kostis Chaveles
Drums by Will Jones
Mixed and Mastered by Simon Jameson @ BlackArtAudio
Cover Art Kallia Theochari



all rights reserved


Kostis Chaveles Greece

Well, making music is always a therapy for me.
My songs are often affected by what can be “heard” and “seen” (mainly pictured in the mind). Also, I like to keep titles and lyrics abstract. My music has its own thoughts and message, but I don’t want to impose it onto the listener. I want everyone to freely imagine what they will from the music. ... more

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Track Name: Sick As A Dog
It's a true story of mine
Sometimes pretty much all the time
(As) i was driving around
I came across a big blue hole in the ground

This hole was made for me
Coolest hole I've ever seen
I kept thinking about it
Wondering how many holes there would be

I decided to enter this world
(And) what i found inside was a doll
With her eyes wide open
I knew that what i was doing
Was totally wrong

(And) then i lifted her to my face
She was cold like out of space
And my brain started bleeding
I looked for the doll then i thought i heard
Something from the wall

I kept sinking and sinking down
Didn't care i was free i was on my own
And then she said
I've made another new life for yourself

Sick ....I am sick As a Dog....

If i only could open my eyes
Sleeping under desert skies
But i could not wake up
I shouted her name and then
I started to run

Then a searing stab of pain
And again, and again, and again
Turned around and saw
I saw myself as i was ten years ago

Some day I'll have to wake up
Now I'm safe in my wonderland
But what if they are true?
Then i would start feeling.. feeling like blue.
Track Name: Agony
Who will live who will die
Please don’t let my eyes dry

Maybe true maybe a lie
This is the night she is going to die

I try not to think try not to cry
I kiss her face to make her smile

They put the screens around her bed
This isn’t real this is all in my head

In my head…

Sky blue sky
So warm full of life
Stay (here) close to me
or sail a foreign sea
Eyes open wide
You are happy to be alive.
Track Name: Headache
Help.. I don’t feel very well
Everything seems like hell
Look what they have done to my brain

I am in in pain…

I’ve got such a headache
And it’s far too late
I know the reason i fear
Because i was taught to play by ear!

Hmmm again again
I’m feeling pain
Please just take off this curse
And bring me a nurse.
Track Name: Exit
I've been feeling that my whole
world is turning black

Feeling like a cat in
In a paper bag

I'm sick of living in a place
Where nothing is fun

Don't you see what they have done

I feel I'm stuck here and
There is nothing i can do

So i'll just play my guitar
For an hour or two

Now i need a place to rest
Find my own nest

Once again i'll try to sleep
Try to sleep..
Try to sleep..

Feels so good to be alive
That's what i tell myself a lie

I'm so good at being sad
It's like your smile....
Your smile is all i have

Your smile is all i have

Feels so good to be alive
That's what i tell myself a lie

I'm so good at being sad
It's like your smile....
Your smile is all i have

You were the stars in the sky
You were the sun...
Track Name: Now
Well that's what your life needs
it's all about
it's all about having kids

Stop dreaming about the things you wanna do
there is a baby
there is a baby here for you!

Forget (about) travelling the world
oh no it's not
oh no it's not that you are too old

Don't know if it's night or noon
must be the dark
side of the moon

Hey you, wanna hear a joke
i feel less shitty than before.


Tiny fingers and tiny nose
looks like god is overdosed
my sweet little girl
a sweet first kiss
life doesn't get any better than this.
let me just make one little change here
i think i need one more beer
maybe she will be a doctor someday
but that's ok anyway.